Human Foosball is more than a game, when you step inside the arena you not only join a new community but you also gain new skills to enhance your life.

The following is a list of six ways in which Human Foosball can improve your life:

1. Camaraderie


While each team is challenging to become triumphant, we encourage a spirit of unity. We cheer for our teammates and high-five our opponents – cultivating a community of optimism, cooperation and empowerment in the process.


2. Communication Skills


In Human Foosball, communication is key – you have to communicate with your teammates to know where the ball is at all times.  Since you’ll be holding to the same game bar as your teammates, it’s also important to make sure you are in-sync as a group so you don’t trip over each other.


3. Eye and Reflex coordination


The arena is small and the game is fast, your vision will improve as you continue to keep a look out for the ball.  The goal is precisely sized, however, as you grow more accustomed to the angles of the arena your aim will improve.


4. Overcoming a loss


The advantage to losing is that it allows us to become better, we learn from our mistakes and use the feeling of disappointment to work harder next time.


5. Fitness


Don’t worry, there is no running required but there may be some occasional lunges, kicks and side shuffles.  Does that sound like leg day to you? 😉


6. Social Skills


You’ll make new friends. There is no age limit or prerequisite of natural athletic ability, players from all walks of life have formed lasting friendships over their bond for this unique sport.


If you’ve got a new skill that Human Foosball helped you improve on, please let us know in the comments below! We hope to see you at one of our leagues.