Check Out FP Before Buying a Foosball Table

You get into a study hall, after meeting a few people, you look around and find a foosball table. The connection is immediate. It only takes a couple of people to play the game. Who cares about studying when you can play foosball, right? This is how the love for foosball starts with a lot [...]

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Tree Fest 2017

We had an amazing event at Tree Fest last weekend. Tree Fest is an annual event hosted around Earth Day and Arbor Day to support the Alachua Conservation Trust by raising money to plant a lot of trees. We at weFooz, started with a donation of 600 trees. Then we’d donate an extra tree for [...]

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Gainesville Tournament 8: Xtraordinary Joy

Sunday, April 9th, kicked off the start of Gainesville’s 8th Human Foosball Tournament and 2nd annual for Xtraordinary Joy, hosted by weFooz Human Foosball. Xtraordinary Joy is a local charity that raises money to fund research at the University of Florida for rare chromosome disorders. weFooz Human Foosball has partnered with XJoy for this important [...]

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