You get into a study hall, after meeting a few people, you look around and find a foosball table. The connection is immediate. It only takes a couple of people to play the game. Who cares about studying when you can play foosball, right?

This is how the love for foosball starts with a lot of people.

It’s super easy to learn, but it’s interesting how much one can develop, from spinning about 100% of the time to doing some amazing trick shots, like Terry Rue. The dude is the Chief Anesthetist of Lafayette General Medical Center and a Pro Foosballer! Apparently, Terry figured out a way to get the best of both worlds whenever he went to a study hall. (I personally called the hospital to assure that he really works there and this isn’t bogus information)


Foosballers Document

In my research to write this article, I came across an interesting Kickstarter Campaign for Foosballers — Foosball Documentary. Take a look at this introduction to their movie:

Did you know that in the 70s, you could win nearly as much money at a professional foosball tournament as you could at a professional golf or tennis tournament? Pro foosball players could win tens of thousands of dollars in one weekend, sometimes competing for Porches or Corvettes. People even quit their jobs and dropped out of school to play in the million dollar tour.

I had no idea how popular foosball really was in the 70s. 282 backers raised almost $44,000 to make this documentary!

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking to purchase a foosball table. I encourage you to take a look at These guys take the time to play and review different tables. One interesting thing about their website is the variety of foosball tables. From your typical foosball table to compact versions like this one

Compact Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40

To DYI mini kits for kids:

Shoebox foosball table

Shoebox foosball table

There’s something there for everyone. also cover human foosball and shows you how others are doing it, feel free to check out that section of their website as well. People are playing human foosball in many different ways. Then come back to our website for Official Game Rules and tournaments.


So… what questions do you have related to foosball?