Sunday, April 9th, kicked off the start of Gainesville’s 8th Human Foosball Tournament and 2nd annual for Xtraordinary Joy, hosted by weFooz Human Foosball. Xtraordinary Joy is a local charity that raises money to fund research at the University of Florida for rare chromosome disorders. weFooz Human Foosball has partnered with XJoy for this important fundraiser that brings together members of the Gainesville community to celebrate life through sports.

This year’s tournament featured 28 teams of seven players. The tournament structure consisted of 14 preliminary rounds, with the first and second places from each bracket being given a seed spot in the playoffs. Two random teams that placed third were also given a seed spot in the playoffs. Congratulations to the 16 teams that moved on to the single elimination playoffs:

  1. Fine Foosball Fairies
  2. Birthday Surprise!
  3. Magnificent 7
  4. All Power-No Skill
  5. The Nerds
  6. Blackberries
  7. Wizposal
  8. Re-foos to Lose
  9. Thomas Group Realty
  10. Team Liquid
  11. Foosballers
  12. Fighting Iris
  13. E. Decker Construction Group
  14. Blue & Orange
  15. Wonkey Wombats
  16. Agent X

[playoff bracket picture]

Game of the day

The Wonkey Wombats versus Blue & Orange was an incredible playoff game that drew almost the entire tournament crowd to their arena. The game went several minutes into sudden death overtime and the first team to score would clench a spot in the semi-finals. The ground was upturned in the arena after a day’s worth of playing on the field. As each team kicked dust into the air, it was the Wonkey Wombats that emerged victorious.


After the dust settled on the Wonkey Wombats versus Blue & Orange game, four teams were awarded a spot in the semi-finals. These teams included, The Fine Foosball Fairies, Wizposal, the Foosballers and the Wonkey Wombats. The Wonkey Wombats drew a difficult semi-final match against the Foosballers that immediately started after their tough and draining match versus Blue & Orange. The Foosballers consisted of female UF soccer players and had played incredibly well all day.

However, with no rest between games, the Wonkey Wombats managed to quickly score 3 goals and go up early against the Foosballers in the game and managed to hold their lead for the entire match due to some excellent defense as they repeatedly deflected potential goal shots. The Foosballers, a tournament favorite, fell to the Wonkey Wombats, ushering the Wombats into the championship.

The other semi-final match pitted the Fine Foosball Fairies, another team consisting of UF female soccer players, against Wizposal. The Fairies defeated Wizposal within 10 seconds from the final buzzer, setting up a Fairies versus Wonkey Wombats championship.


As the clock passed 6 o’clock P.M., the Wonkey Wombats and the Fine Foosball Fairies entered the championship arena. The stout defense put up by the Wonkey Wombats in the semi-finals against the Foosballers crumbled versus the Fairies, giving the UF female soccer players a significant early game lead. At the end of the day, unable to come back from their deficit, the Wombats were defeated. The Fine Foosball fairies were crowned Xtraordinary Joy Tournament Champions under celebratory pink and blue smoke, and a shower of confetti.

We’ll do it again!

weFooz is glad to have partnered with Xtraordinary Joy’s 2nd Annual and Gainesville’s 8th Human Foosball Tournament. Together, the spectators, players and event sponsors helped raise over $7,000 in funds for a wonderful cause as Xtraordinary Joy moves closer to obtaining their goal of funding life-improving medical research for patients suffering from rare chromosome disorders. weFooz looks forward to helping Xtraordinary Joy reach their goal again in 2018 at our 3rd Annual Human Foosball Tournament!