Team does a rally prior to starting a game

Whether this is your first Human Foosball Tournament, or you’re a pro like Laura, it doesn’t hurt to get prepared for the games. With just seven minutes to win a game the arena can get intimidating.

We’d like to share with you some tips for making it a great day that runs smoothly.

  • Be prepared for rain or Shine. This is an outdoor game so we must adapt to the environment. During heavy rains it can get slippery and muddy, but  that just adds to the drama and intensity.    In terms of Florida’s unpredictable weather, we suggest two items: Raincoat and sunblock.
  • Team preparations: For those coming with already created teams we recommend coming up with a strong team name. As well as creating a strategy for who will play what position. If you have the time maybe pull out the old foosball table at home and plan out a few plays 😉
  • GAME RULES! For many players this is there first time in the human foosball arena, so we encourage you to read the rules to understand fouls and other safety precautions.


  • Protective gear is highly recommended. In other tournaments we’ve had a few blunders where the ball has landed on people’s faces as well as shins. We suggest:  face masks, shin guards and knee pads.
    Edit: we now use balls that are more foam-like, so the risks of injury by being hit by the ball are much smaller.
  • Footwear: For safety reasons: we do not recommend sandals or flip flops. Closed toe shoes will protect you from the elements. For our seasoned soccer players, we encourage you to bring cleats.
  • Pack snacks just in case but we try and make sure that food is available at the tournament. We wouldn’t want you to be out grabbing a bite and come back to realize that you’ve missed out on a game …
  • Use our hashtag! Share with us the adventures of your team and use our hashtag #humanfoosball and #morethanagame. Also make sure to check in on what our tournament hashtag contest is for a chance to win an awesome prize! Follow our adventures on Instagram! @humanfoosball

Two players shaking hands

  • The most important tip of all, have fun and meet new friends! The Human Foosball family is always growing so welcome each other and let’s make sure we cheer for every participant!

There you have it, we hope these simple tips will help you prepare for an awesome tournament. We can’t wait to see you there! To keep up with the scores make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.