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10% to Genetics Research

We give 10% of our revenue to charity. In 2017, we are focusing on research for chromosome disorders, especially rare disorders and trisomy 18 (see below). We want to make human foosball more than a game. We have raised over $20,000 for charity since our first human foosball tournament!

Xtraordinary Joy


Moriah JOY Meacham was diagnosed at 16 months with an extremely rare chromosome abnormality. She is missing 46 genes on her X chromosome. There are less than 10 recorded cases in the world. It has taken her parents, Tony and Amy, months of seeing specialist after specialist with no understanding of her condition to help them. Because it is so rare, there are no treatment options. There is no disease name, no scientific research, no awareness events — UNTIL NOW.


Payton Jewel Thompson


Payton Jewel Thompson was born 12/5/13 to a loving family. After she was born she was rushed to the NICU due to difficulty breathing and physical signs of some type of syndrome. Since then she has been diagnosed with Trisomy 18, a life limiting chromosomal abnormality. Payton has defied the odds so far and is fighting the symptoms associated with this horrible syndrome. Team Payton will have a long road ahead of them but with the support of their family and friends that road will be filled with many wonderful memories. Please help Team Payton’s cause. Thank you so much for your loving support.


Salvador Cabrera


Salvador Cabrera was born in a rural Mayan community in Guatemala where the Mam language is spoken. He is an enthusiastic man of faith, hard worker, loving husband and father. He is a generous man, always showing love and spending much of his time investing in other people’s lives. He was diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer on July 7, 2014. The national health system in Guatemala confirmed that the tumor was so big that they couldn’t operate on him. Guatamala does not have the specialized medical professionals or facilities that could perform the kind of surgery Salvador required.