Navigating the gauntlet to win a human foosball tournament is no easy task. But when Laura Calton is competing, it’s impossible — unless you’re on her team.

It may sound like an exaggerated statement, but since Calton’s first tournament in September 2015, it’s been true. In a full calendar year, no one has taken home a tournament title without being on her team.

Caton is one of only two Gainesville human foosballers who have won three tournament titles, the other being founder Dan Dias. But while Dias has participated in all six tournaments that have taken place, Calton is undefeated, going three-for-three by creating an impenetrable wall in front of the goal.

She has played goalkeeper in all three tournaments, although it began as more of a comfort decision than a strategic one.

“I always play goalie because that’s the only position place where I don’t have to turn around backwards the whole time,” Calton said.

But she’s found her human foosball niche there, and she hasn’t left.

Maybe her success can be attributed to her tennis background — she captains a team in Gainesville and is more than used to keeping an eye on the ball and preventing it from getting past her.

Or maybe it’s her “cat-like reflexes” as she calls them.

Either way, opponents haven’t been able to find the magic formula to score goals against her.

And as for magic formulas, Calton insists she doesn’t have one.

“You know you’re going to get hit with the ball, it’s just where and when,” she said. “You just make a wall and block it. … It’s a simple strategy but it works.”

Champions of the last 3 tournaments highlighting Laura

Calton will be looking to utilize that strategy on September 18 when she’ll attempt to defend her crown and take home a fourth-straight human foosball title, and she says she is ready to take on the competition yet again. “We challenge anybody to take us down,” she said, laughing. Just like the last three occasions, the goals and the tournament will have to go through Laura Calton.